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  • Untie Me

    lyrics Brovchenko Nick
    music Ani Lorak

    Anybody knows when to stop
    But very few got to the top
    Love is like a prison for me
    Love is just a reason to be

    Untie me
    But never let me go from your hands
    I try now
    Just tell you something you’ll understand
    Let me whisper words I’m sure that you hear
    Give me one thing that I do really need –
    The freedom to be near…

    Everybody’s got to be free
    Freedom is the one thing I need
    You’re the only man that I breathe
    Don’t you ever treat me like kid

    I love you so but feel myself so guilty
    Try to unchain my love
    I always will be near my love to feel you
    Until we have rest above.